Saturday, October 11, 2008

TASI Re-Update

So after about a month TASI [transportation active safety institute] finally chose two finalist for their new logo and mine was one of them. The colors I originally had were to bland and didn't show up very well through different media so I chose to stick to one color and emphisize the protection waves a little bit more. Here's the original...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Final Designs

I got the idea fro thinking about soundwaves and how bass travels further than higher pitched sound waves. The tempo of the song is relatively upbeat so I thought red would be a good color to work from.

I pretty much kept this the same from when I was working on it and just adjust the colors slightly. this one is probably the most professional looking out of the four.

Again, no noticeable changes here.

The Speed Racer layout took a lot of thinking. I tried my hardest to not only bring out the Speed Racer theme, but to also make this a seemingly usable site. If anyone can remember far back enough, Speed Racer would always end with that seizure-causing red and yellow checkered background, so I new that copying that particular point would end up being a total bust. I ententially left room on the sides for mouse rollover windows to pop up, such as the side article text or the name of the navigation button. This one...was a fun challenge.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Prototype 3

This is the design I came up with from my photograph. I took the idea of overlapping shapes and the dominant green color and crossed it with a sort of window pane theme. This design's not too far off from the original, but there's enough subtle changes to not realize.

Prototype 2

Here's my second design based off of the ad I found. Each picture frame represents an advertiesment. And each ad progressively further from center screen would be more transparent.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Prototype 1

This is the start of the "Speed Racer" design. Still workin' out the small stuff but so far I'm liking it. All of this is vector [except the image of course]. The Three empty circles to the right of the main image are for advertisements or special articles. The blank icon to the right would be for illustrations...I just haven't taken the time to create the icon yet. That's all for now.