Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Final Designs

I got the idea fro thinking about soundwaves and how bass travels further than higher pitched sound waves. The tempo of the song is relatively upbeat so I thought red would be a good color to work from.

I pretty much kept this the same from when I was working on it and just adjust the colors slightly. this one is probably the most professional looking out of the four.

Again, no noticeable changes here.

The Speed Racer layout took a lot of thinking. I tried my hardest to not only bring out the Speed Racer theme, but to also make this a seemingly usable site. If anyone can remember far back enough, Speed Racer would always end with that seizure-causing red and yellow checkered background, so I new that copying that particular point would end up being a total bust. I ententially left room on the sides for mouse rollover windows to pop up, such as the side article text or the name of the navigation button. This one...was a fun challenge.


Daniel Richart said...

really like this one. the colors and the waves bouncing into each other with different opacity levels are nicely done. Didn't see song anywhere, could ya put it up so I could see how it came together?

aiicon said...

thank you,
your interface gave me a LOTTT of inspiration. :D

Alex said...

The filmstrip interface rocks...
step 1) Put it in flash
step 2) Animate it
step 3) ???
step 4) Awesome

Bheider said...

I really like the film tape one.... probably because its nothing i've really seen before.

Brad said...

I am going to have to agree with the majority here. The film strip design is the strongest out of the bunch!