Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some Very Old Stuff

After a recent exhibition I took part in to show off some of my work, I realized how much I liked my crappy old stuff. Though rough in concept, entertaining to look at.

This was one of my first sophomore projects. Story...take an ordinary object and make it extraordinary. This idea came from a little up pig key chain that had an led emitting snout. Yeah...I multiplied it's size a little too much.

This was a character/logo I created during my sudden "Afro" phase. I don't why I like Afros so much, (I'm trying to grow one as we speak, but to no avail) but they just seem cool.

And last and probably least is my logo re-design for an IUPUI based company named TASI. I say this is least simply because of zero communication from their end resulting in a seemingly waste of time...but.....I did learn some things too. I just have to think them up first.