Monday, November 29, 2010

First Animation Test

Here's a quick shot from my upcoming short "Time Out". Critiques welcome!


Nate Moody said...

I like what you have here thus far. It has a lot of polish to it already, even without the other elements the scene may contain.

One thing I noticed is that maybe you could vary your timing a little bit. Right now it feels like you can feel a steady beat, like 1, 2, 3!,(4), and I think you could probably make it more varied, like push the early actions to only the first beat, make time for anticipation and then have him jerk back. More like a 1, And, (2 pause) 3! (4), if that is clear. Something to break the rhythm off of the beat, to give it more build and anticipation.

Overall though, its really impressive, and I'm looking forward to seeing that short completed! It's been cool watching you model those characters.

Ryan said...

pretty good so far.

what nate said about the timing.

one or two of the poses could be a little more exaggerated to accent it more.

Turn up the intensity in the eyes and eyebrows in the early parts.

i'm going to assume something pulls him off the chair otherwise he's not off balanced enough to fall off.

keep going. you're almost done man.

Marcelo Meijome said...

Lookin good! I agree with nate on the timing, it's kind of like pose>pose>pose. I think like one pause in the action between any of those and it will break up that pattern. Like maybe when he squints in at the tv.

Looks like you are gonna make it, almost there!

btw, when is your capstone presentation? I'll try to make it if i can.

Vance U. Vaden said...

Thanks for the input guys! His grandmother will be pulling him off of the chair btw. i haven't added her in just yet lol. And I'll post when my capstone is tomorrow after i get it straightened out with my work schedule

Daniel said...

It's looking good man. Nice to see the models come to life. Hopefully you can put the final up somewhere when its all said it done, so we can check it out. Otherwise, I'll try to check the presentation.